Violet Wants It Her Way

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Violet wants it her way, her way or the highway
She'll never stay, she's on her way
Violet's going home

Well, Violet is a pretty girl - her legs are long and her hair is curled
And her smile's been known to make grown men go stupid
But if you look below the skin and find out where that lady's been
You'll be sure to stay the Hell away from Cupid


Back in time, when this story began, and Violet found herself a man
Who wouldn't try to boss that girl around
She got bored of being adored and decided that he was a spineless nerd
She kicked that guy right out on the ground


Billy was a football jock, who really had a massive clock
She threw him out because it ran too quick
Skip was just a good ol' guy, they fell in love in mid-July
She got rid of him in August because his name was... Skip.


She's an outlaw but she's never been arrested
She'll chew you up and spit you out, before ya've been digested

Well, don't you try to fix that chick cuz she's got a bag that's full of tricks
So what the Hell, you might as well, just leave that girl in her place
Cuz Violet knows just what to do, when you try to tighten up her screws
She'll reach inside her purse and grab her mace.. MY FACE!


Tablature & Chords

Standard, key of G modulating to key of C.

Intro: (Chorus)

G Em C D

G D/F# Em D C D G



Last Verse:
C Am F G

Last Chorus:
C F C F 
C G/B Am G F G
C F C F 
C G/B Am G F G
Am G F G

Song Data