The Nest

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The broken wing, it didn’t last a spring
You shoved me out, before the nest was cold
I couldn't fly, but god I tried
I hit the ground, and I was on my own

	Alone in the big blue land
	With only my legs to stand
	And no one to lend a hand, or to pick me up

I see the sky, where you would fly
And I would wait for you so patiently 
But I was weak, and soon I had an empty beak
I guess I wasn't worth the time

	And I never had the chance
	To float in a weightless dance
	To swim in the great expanse above me

	The gravity holds me down
	I’ll never escape the ground
	To live in the careless clouds where I belong

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Musical Information
Key: D Major
Tempo: 100 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Straight
Released Apr 19, 2016