Better Days

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Were there ever really better days?
Or is it just a sentimental haze?
A blanket safe and warm
A shelter from the stormy skies

The fights are all forgotten in the mist
The lonely tears are lost in the abyss
The grass is always green
The house is always clean
The smiles never seem to fade 

Were there ever really better days?
In photographs of sepia and grey
The family huddled tight
Beneath the perfect light of dusk

Stand before the camera and say cheese
And for the slightest moment we all freeze
With smiles open wide
We’re frozen there in time
Our sorrows hidden deep inside our minds

Were there ever really better days?
Or are they just a mirror that we made?
Stare it in the eyes
Shatter all the lies
Then go into the open wide beyond

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Musical Information
Key: E Major
Tempo: 120 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Nov 30, 2021