The Bottom

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In a crumbling land
I was singing in the junkyard choir again
And I was waiting for my moment to come
I was beating on the timpani drum in the rain

Asleep inside a rusty van
Parked beside the taxi stand
Well it's nothing I would ever recommend to you

    The freaks are on parade
    On the uptown promenade
    If you ever wanna see the bottom, then I'll show you

I was screaming again
I was screaming at a hot dog vendor again
I can't remember why I snapped
Probably just a little lapse of reason

Virtues come and virtues go
I dressed up in women's clothes
And strolled down 42nd Street today

    And I walked up to a man
    In an Acura sedan, and said that
    If you ever wanna see the bottom, then I'll show you

    It's a long way to the top
    And it's way more fun to drop
    If you ever wanna see the bottom
    Do you really wanna see the bottom?
    If you really wanna see the bottom,
    Then I'll show you

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Musical Information
Key: A# Major
Tempo: 150 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 2:37
Released Oct 31, 2007