Five Minutes

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    Five minutes to the main event
    Is this the way my life was spent
    Now the winter of my discontent
    Is about to turn a new year

    The minister is pleading me
    To save myself, he's reading me
    Apocolyptic verses from a book
    I squint my eyes to look at him and said

        Save your stories, save your pleas
        There's nothing left, there's nothing here for me
        You will listen, you will see
        There's nothing left, salvation don't come free

    Five minutes till they pull the switch
    They say you'll only feel an itch
    But they watch the catatonic twitch
    And the smoke that flows around you

    There beneath the gamma rays
    Watch my soul just burn away
    Don't you even try to pray
    My fate is predetermined
    You won't see me returning and


    Five minutes has a come and gone
    They put my metal shackles on
    And walk me down the hallway

    The straps are tight, the light is bright
    The waiting room is full tonight
    The minister administers the rites
    What's your final words, son?

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Tuning: Drop D

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Musical Information
Key: A Minor
Tempo: 181 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:06
Released Jan 1, 2004