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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Learn To Fly

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A sticky summers' day in Shepherdstown
An eagle in a thermal is a' circlin' round
Like a tire on a bike rolling down Columbus Street

Katie got a little look of hope in her eye
Arms unfold as she looked to the sky
and said, "I'm going to learn to fly around with you"

She jumped up high and she fell to the ground
Skinned her little knee and made a horrible sound
She got right up and she tried again
Smiling all the way with her unstoppable grin

    Take time, do what you're going to do
    Just smile, you're gonna make it through
    Your wings are going to spread and lift you off the ground
    Take time, do what you're going to do
    Just smile, you're gonna make it through
    Your wings are going to sprout and you will learn to fly

All the other children used to laugh at her
They say your head is in the clouds and when you come back to earth
That the men in the white coats, they will all be waiting

But Katie knew that there was something they didn't see
She climbed up to the top of the sycamore tree
and said, "look out world, I'm going to fly away"

She stood so tall and with all her might
She took a flying leap of an astonishing height
A wind blew through and it carried her high
and Katie knew that she was just beginning to fly

    [chorus, solo, chorus]


Tuning: CGDGBD, capo 2. 

Verse is I, IV
Pre-Chorus: V, VIm, IV
Chorus: I, I/VII, IV, V - I, VIIb VI, VIb

The main riff: 
-2/4----4------2\0-0-     (x 2)

-2---0---2---0--  (then the first riff again)

2x0230   44400x    002010   (x2)

x05000  6x5000  002010  2x0230
x05000 555000  444000  001210

002010,  002010-004030-005050-007070  (x2)
2x20230  2x2010  2x0200  2x20230

Simplified Standard Tuning Version (Capo 1):

G  C  G

G  C  G
G  C  G
D  Em C
D  Em C

G  D/F#  C  D
G  F  Em  B/Eb (x6400x)

C  D  C  D

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Played at 49 out of 227 shows since introduction (22%)
Played at 39 out of 72 non-open mic shows since introduction (54%)
There have been 0 show(s) since the last play.


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