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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Wake Up

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Mr. O'Leary is combing his hair 
	and he's swirling it into a knot
The mirror is laughing at Mr. O'Leary 
	cuz it knows he's someone he's not
Walking away from that painted reflection 
	to do something else he forgot

	And now he's walking around with that stupid expression
	While his memory asks him, well, what was the question?
	And follows the blind while he's trying to find
	All the things he's not sure that he missed

		Wake up, wake up, wake up
		Wake up, wake up, wake up
		We sleep when we're walking, we never stop talking
		Wake up, wake up, wake up

Mrs. Jones stands at the station, 	
	she waits for a train that don't run anymore
She's paid up her fare for a ticket to nowhere 
	and thinks that she's been there before
Broken dreams weigh on her mind like the water 
	that's spilling the sand on the shore

	And she's clicking her heels and she's looking for Toto
	While she stands with her dress dragging in the grey snow
	And she wants what she doesn't have, has what she doesn't want
	And she wants the world to know it


Johnny McGee's making love to TV 
	and his stamina's really impressive
It's always turned on, all night until dawn, 
	and plays reruns when he gets aggressive
Johnny's afraid that he'll worry about 
	all the problems that he doesn't have

	Because his life is so boring and he's always snoring
	While earth is revolving and it's not worth exploring
        And the faces on TV all say who he should be
        But nobody knows who he is 


Standard, Key of G

Intro and Verse: 
320033  200233  022033
x02210  3x2013  13321x
320033  x32013  
320033  200233  320033

320033  x54035  079980  8x9980
320033  x54035  079980  8x8080
320033  x54035  079980  8x9980
x02210  3x2013  13321x
x02210  x20030  x32010  x54030

13321x  320033  x02210  x32010
x02210  x20030  x32010  x54030

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  Discussion: Wake Up

Spencer Jolly (anon) · 4 years, 9 months ago
I know I am the only person to have posted here, but this song is just amazing. I wanted to let you know. Thanks for this.
Marie (anon) · 3 years, 11 months ago
I like this one too, it's awesome. Thank you for all your songs. Keep up the good work ;-)

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