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Midnight, we're crashed out in a field in Missouri
Me and you in my '82 VW in hiding

Stretched out, my frizzy hair is everywhere in tangles
You smile, and ruffle up my bangs and say to hell with it

Let's wipe the slate and release the weight
We've carried for so long
Cuz here we are beneath the stars
With no one else

Sleep tight, cuz from tonight they're never going to find us
No chains, we'll change our names and stake our claim in Omaha


Tuning: Standard

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Played at 1 out of 7 shows since introduction (14%)
Played at 1 out of 5 non-open mic shows since introduction (20%)
There have been 6 show(s) since the last play.


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  Discussion: Omaha

Jamie Dull (anon) · 8 years, 10 months ago
I think a tambourine is in line for this song during the loud heavy parts. Percussion always is a great thing. Especially in your music. :D

So do you end up making it to Omaha as well?
Jamie Dull (anon) · 8 years, 7 months ago
Ok. So after listening to this song many times over and over, I have decided that this song is now in the top 5 favorite J Woodward songs. Here it be.

5. Incoherent
4. Adventures Of The Deaf Dreamer
3. Omaha
2. River Went Dry
1. Cherry

And of course there are others like "Cant' Take Our Love Away" and etc.. this song is sick though dude... SICK!

I hope very much that its on the next record. I think It'd be the perfect opening track to your music based on what I've heard thus far. The guitar lead is phenomenal, and the lyrics are perfect. I <3 Omaha.

Jennifer from Nebraska (anon) · 7 years, 8 months ago
I'm from Nebraska, originally. Not quite in Omaha- I'm from Lincoln, and spent some time in a couple smaller towns a little bit west of there, too, but I like this song, because it takes me back there. I'm living in Texas now, a long way from home, but I've never forgotten it. Thank you, Josh, for taking me back home for three minutes and three seconds. <3
DanielDanielDaniel (anon) · 5 years, 10 months ago
i think its amazing how your music is free.
your like , a nelson mandela of the music world.
totally solute to you dude.

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