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Was I drawn into your orbit
Or were you drawn into mine
In any case, you've given me
A new reason to shine

The circles we're revolving
Spinning recklessly around
And growing tighter by the moment
Till the flash and then the sound

	And for a moment, two are one
	Glowing with the brilliance
	Of a multiplying sun
	But even stars will one day fall
	And I won’t shed a tear
	Cause for a time, we had it all

In a darker time, I floated
Like lantern in the sky
Alone until the moment 
That I saw you flying by

I don't know where you came from
Or the way the wind will blow
I only know I’ll follow you
No matter where you go

	And when the candles start to fade
	Slowly, we’ll descend
	But I will never be afraid
	And even as we start to fall
	I won’t shed a tear
	Cause for a time, we had it all

When I met you at the bus stop
I was waiting for a ride
Instead I found a future
When you sat by me inside

All the roads that we have traveled
Through the land and in our lives
Returning like a spiral 
As the dimming sun arrives

	And when the stars were all aligned
	You pulled you in your orbit as I pulled you into mine
	And when the time has come to fall
	I won’t shed a tear
	Cause for a time, we had it all
	For a time, we had it all

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, capo 10

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: D# Major
Tempo: 94 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 2:32
Released Nov 17, 2014