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Bully don't walk away, and leave me here
The feeling of loneliness is worse than fear
You can cut me down to make you tall 
You can throw me up against the wall
But please don't walk away before I fall

Bully don't leave me now, I'm on my own
There's nobody here but you, I'm all alone
You can call me names, and take my pride
You can leave me hanging, crucified
But please don't walk away before I die

 And I, I don't even know why 
 I sold my self respect, to buy a lie 
 Bully, just love me
 Bully, just shove me
 I wanna feel something true
 If no one else will listen, then
 It might as well be you

On the road of life I've walked, without a friend  
When the hard times come I break, before I bend 
I don't need your love, respect or grace
You can laugh or put me in my place
But please don't walk away without a trace


I can plainly see the sadness in your eyes
Like a mirror when I'm staring into mine
Would you open up and let me in, 
Would you let me see beneath your skin
I promise I won't run at what I find

Bully, just love me
Bully, just shove me
Bully, handcuff me
Hover above me

Bully, just touch me
Bully, just clutch me
Gently or, roughly
Make me feel something

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Musical Information
Key: D# Minor
Tempo: 151 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:07
Released Dec 4, 2013