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Cien Volando

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Desire took a seat at my side
And softly said to me
"I know you want to go your own way,
But you're too weak to be free."

I said to it, "I know you mean well
But this time you are wrong.
I've thought this through, I promise you, I've got to move on
And I don't want you along."

Here I stand with a bird in hand and here I will remain
I would rather let it stay than to watch a hundred fly away
You'll be fine in a little time when I am out of view
I'm not trying to say goodbye, I know I'll see you soon


Tuning: Standard

Played LiveFull Statistics

Played at 1 out of 18 shows since introduction (6%)
Played at 1 out of 9 non-open mic shows since introduction (11%)
There have been 17 show(s) since the last play.


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  Discussion: Cien Volando

Hannes · 8 years, 1 month ago
how come no one wants to have this beautiful song...?!
Josh Woodward Back · 8 years, 1 month ago
This one just went up over the weekend, where the rest of these have been up for up to a year. Also, the status don't include full album downloads, which have been the majority of the hits since the launch. This little guy will catch up soon. :D
Jamie Dull (anon) · 6 years, 11 months ago
This song is brilliant. I can't even really explain anything else.

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