Airplane Mode

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If anybody wants to find me
I'll be in the last place you would look
In a place where people used to be 
A land that's called reality
You'll find me there

I won't be catching up on Reddit
I won't be watching any news
I'll let the planet spin without me
Cuz everything has been without me sometime

And everyone will be alright, if I'm not live by satellite

        It's a beautiful day, I'm running away
        Don't bother to Facebook message or call me
        Cuz I'm living life in airplane mode
        And everything is ok, I just wanna play
        Unplug for a day, and live in the moment
        Cuz I'm living life in  airplane mode

I'm always drowning in the static
I'd rather swim in crystal seas
My battery's been running low
I need to take it nice and slow for just awhile

You won't be hearing bout my weather
And you won't see my breakfast pics
For videos of kitty cats
All gussied up in pretty hats, you'll have to wait

I hope it's not a tragedy, I hope you don't get mad at me


Everything is now, everyone is everywhere
But no one seems to get up from their chairs
I'll come and sit with you, let's talk and have a drink or two
We'll open up the window for some air

And hear the voices down the street
Of children playing on the beach

It's... a... beautiful day
Don't... take... it away
I... just... want to play...
Cuz I'm living life in airplane mode, yeah


Tablature & Chords

C   Am    F    C     G
C   Am    F    Em    G

C   F     D/F# G
C   F     Am   G

F   G   C   F
F   G   Am  F

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