Upcoming Downtime

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this network is a mess
cables across the desk
they're going nowhere

he sleeps alone tonight
electron bed and blinking nightlight

    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime

packets passing through his circuits
never get a break from work, it's
so hard

sender to the destination
a middle man in isolation
so lonely

the time has come to say goodbye
give up the ghost and to the sky
go flying

    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime
transistors melting down
the packets spewing all around
the ping times running to the ground 
the network falls apart

through the white smoke, time is bending
something seems to be ascending
nothing left except the pending
downtime in his wake

    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime
    upcoming downtime

i am so tired here, it's time to go, and leave this all behind now
take another from the shelf, i'm damaged goods, replace me with a new one

there is no warning here, i just can't wait another minute, low down
say goodbye to thankless service, all these years, i think i've earned it, downtime

Tablature & Chords

Drop D tuned one step lower, 12 string.

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: C Major
Tempo: 125 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:30
Released Jan 1, 2004