The Magical Menagerie of Souls

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Mr. Newman, I’m assuming that you’re looking for some humans 
Their brains are getting riper but there’s lots of work to do
I’ll provide you with a manifest of all the new arrivals
I’m certain that there’s something here for you

There’s Alabaster, Leopold, and Maximiliano
Lawrence is a bargain, you can have him for a song
Oh! The places you will go with all the people you will know
In the Magical Menagerie of Souls 

    You’ll find your muse, your font of inspiration
    With some minor contemplation, the words will write themselves
    In the darkest realm, of shadowy existence
    The strangest minds that we can breed
    Satisfaction guaranteed 

Mr. Newman, you are choosing, so while you are perusing 
I want to catch you up on some experiments we’re doing
The data's incomplete but we’re encouraged all the same
Our quality is climbing by the day

You don’t need to be nervous, but inside our Terms of Service
We’ve added an addendum to identify the verdict
We stand behind our product and the safety of our souls
But there’s something that you ought to know

    With every one, there’s a fragment of residue
    That latches itself to you, and never lets go
    And it burrows deep, like a lumbering parasite
    It feeds until it finds the truth
    Until it’s finally part of you


    We hope you like, our marvelous creations
    Distilled imaginations, into spirits of the mind
    May you find your song, in vivid living color
    In the Magical Menagerie of Souls
    In the Magical Menagerie of Souls

Tablature & Chords

Capo 7

Am Am/E F C E7
Am Am/E F C
F G C E7

Am Am/E F C E7
F C F E7 Am G

C E7 Am F
C E7 Am Am/G D/F#
F E7 Am

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: E Minor
Tempo: 109 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Released Mar 15, 2021