Honeyed Tongue

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Your sweet refrain, the music rained upon me like a storm
You rose from out of the darkness like a phantom being born

Your face so young, and a honeyed tongue, I never stood a chance
Before the sun had set you had me locked up in your trance

And ooh
You got me hypnotized, I am drowning in your eyes
And ooh
I would crash against the rocks and steal the seconds from the clocks to be with you

Your siren song, one note, I’m gone, and never to return
I’ve been caught up in your fire, so I guess that I’ll just burn

I can’t think straight, my brain’s sedated by your splendid drug
If you’re the train, then I’m the tracks, and I’m happy to be stuck


And if the world crashed in the sun
There is not another thing that I’d have done
Cuz of everything else, you’re the only one that mattered

When the final page is written and they close the book
And everyone regrets the path they took
I’ll just sit right back and close my eyes

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, capo 1, A minor

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: A# Minor
Tempo: 90 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Length: 2:38
Released Feb 12, 2015