Dear Rebecca

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Dear Rebecca, did you see
The sky in all its majesty tonight
The canvas of the summer

Every time the daylight ends
I think of how your cherub eyes ascend
And stare in silent wonder

The days drag on, but time, it flies
The absence only magnifies the change
It’s beautiful and tragic

And every time I see your face
Another you has been replaced anew
Unstoppable and magic

Please forgive me, and understand
It wasn't you who pushed my hand away
I was guilty, I accept it

So tonight beneath the painted sky
I'll think about your cherub eyes in awe
Alone but still connected

Please, understand
I’m, just a man
I’m broken and I lost my way
But please believe me when I say
I love you

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Tuning: Standard, no capo

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 138 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:15
Released Oct 31, 2014