Bombs Away

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We don't intend to hurt you, yeah, but freedom is a virtue
In the name of all that’s righteous, we’ll give you all this liberty and peace
We’ll liberate your streets

If you haven't heard the holy word
We'll teach you when the ash and dirt
Have settled on your heathen church tonight

If truth won't come from the barrel of a gun  
Then we're bringing out the heavy stuff alright

	Bombs away, bombs away
	Bombs away, bombs away
	Brighter days are on the way
	So shout hooray
	For bombs away
Your creator is a traitor, yeah, we’re sorry ‘bout the crater
But it’s all for what is good and right
To drop the bombs and let your streets ignite
So you can see the light

When you awake and see your fate
You'll clap your hands and jubilate
You're free at last, the great days are ahead

	Truth arrives from from a bomber in the skies
	Yeah, we're bringing out the heavy stuff tonight

Truth can't rise, with a heathen in the skies
So we're bringing out the heavy stuff tonight

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: standard, down a half a step

Intro: B7

G  D7  G  D7
C      G  D7
G      D7
C  G   D/F# Em
C  D   G

D  G  D  G
Em  D/F# G  C  D 

C  G  C  D
C  G  Am D

Song Data

Musical Information
Key: F# Major
Tempo: 280 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 2:24
Released Nov 17, 2014