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New MP3: "Flutter By Butterfly"

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New MP3: "Flutter By Butterfly"

Posted on Mon, Feb 25, 2008

Here's an odd little acoustic piece. This came together fairly quickly except for recording the guitar part, which took a ton of takes. Once I hit one that I was happy with, I decided to try one more, safe in the knowledge that I had a usable option already on tape. That ended up having twice as much feeling as the last take that took me far too long to nail. Score.

Flutter By Butterfly: (MP3, Lyrics, Share)

Production Notes:

I'd planned on using my live guitar on this one, using the pickup with a low-pass to boost the bass, but I ended up using guitar #3 instead. It's got a beautiful low end, balanced with crystal-clear highs and a scooped mid-range to make room for the vocals. It's just one guitar and one voice, so there's not much else to talk about!