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NEW ALBUM: "Ashes" Now Available!

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NEW ALBUM: "Ashes" Now Available!

Posted on Mon, Nov 15, 2010

Admit it. You thought I was hibernating in a cave the past year, cranking out YouTube videos to maintain vague contact with the outside world, taking a break from the grueling process of releasing an album every year. You were only half right. I'm very happy to announce that my next CD, "Ashes" is now available!

You can download it (for free, of course) or buy a fancy shiny CD (name your own price) from my website here:

I'm thrilled with how it came out. I spent probably twice as much time as usual working on this one, and the end result is something I had no idea I was capable of. I hope you dig it, too.
Also, take a moment to check out my YouTube channel, where I just posted a video of the production process for the first track on the CD, "Let It In":
As always, I not only allow but encourage you to share this music with your friends, use it in your videos, and generally mangle it in any way you see fit. Thanks for all of your support over the past year - it's been an amazing ride, and I'm honored to have met so many of you great humans. Take care of yourselves, and I'd love it if you took a moment to let me know what you think of "Ashes"!

   Discussion: NEW ALBUM: "Ashes" Now Available!
Ian Griffin · 6 years ago
i haven't even finished downloading it yet... but the album art looks amazing... who did the art?
Josh Woodward Back · 6 years ago

Thanks so much! The art is by Luana Silense. She has some awesome art that you should check out!

Edouard (anon) · 6 years ago
hey it sounds great :) ...Ordered ! Can't wait to listen to your CD while driving to work.
Sven (anon) · 6 years ago

The more times I listen the album, the more I love it. Thank you :)

Martin (anon) · 6 years ago
A couple of minutes ago, I ordered a physical copy of your new album without having listened to more than "Let it In" on YouTube. I'm really excited and as Ian already said, the cover art is absolutely great!
tordeu · 6 years ago
Just finished listening to it once (thanks for sending flac links until this amazing cd can be shipped) I was very impressed even on this first impression. This album feels so different from the other albums and yet so familiar. I was especially pleased with "Let It In" and "Swimming in Turpentine", not because they are my favourite songs on this album, but because the very unexpected, yet highly appreciated style. I will have to listen to it a lot more and sort out my favourites and see how the songs grow and develop. Right now "Together On Our Own" and "A Thousand Skins (Part 1)" left the biggest impressions. They just "work" for me. I think the long time this album needed was very well spent. p.s.: Would it be possible for you to sign the new album before sending it? I think it would be cool to have an autographed album.
Josh Woodward Back · 6 years ago

Thanks a million, I'm so glad you like. And of course, I'll take a Sharpie to it when it goes out :)

Adam (anon) · 6 years ago
Love the album, definitely gonna be listening to it for a while. Great job! :)
Martin (anon) · 6 years ago
The second half + coda is fantastic. These are probably the best songs you ever have written.
3! (anon) · 6 years ago
This is right up there with NQC as my favorites, perhaps even -the- favorite. "Cherubs" is just brilliantly bittersweet.
behi (anon) · 6 years ago
hi josh. i'm one of your fans and i really love some of your works. i'd love to buy your orginal cds but there is a problem here. i'm in iran and there is noway that i can buy your cds.maybe you don't know where is it,no problem. just tell me how i can get your works with high quality. thanks for every thing
tordeu Back · 6 years ago

You could buy the FLACs instead, if there is no possibility of receiving CDs in Iran. The quality is identical to CDs and you can download them over the internet. Not the same, but you get the best quality (as with CDs) while financially supporting Josh as well. Could be an option, if getting the CDs is out of the question.

Josh Woodward Back · 6 years ago

What Torben said! I doubt I could easily get them to you in Iran, but you can get the FLACs from the store if you want. The MP3s are also encoded with high quality settings as well (I don't hear a difference, for what it's worth). Thanks a million for your support!

tordeu Back · 6 years ago

Josh is right. I haven't even looked at the mp3s, so I did not even think about them. The mp3s are encoded at 320kbps. This is as good as mp3 gets and you will most definitely not hear any difference. FLACs/CDs on the other hand have the advantage that you can reencode without quality loss. Reencoding from 320kbps mp3s should absolutely be of sufficient quality, although I prefer reencoding from flacs (but that might be some kind of placebo effect ;-)).

You could also check out the OGGs on jamendo, if you prefer OGG (as I do), which are encoded at a very high quality setting as well. Although OGGs are only available there via bittorrent. As you see, there really are several high quality options for you to choose from. :-)

Chas Harker (anon) · 5 years, 11 months ago
you expect an artist to explode out of the blocks with album 1 then you hope they can maintain a level of excellence thru following albums until they release their masterpiece then fade serenely into the past ...... not true with Josh as following the explosion the fireworks havent ended yet and his star shows no sign of fading at all as masterpiece follows masterpiece ..... if only I could work out why his albums dont sell in their millions - amazing talent.
Anonymous (anon) · 5 years, 8 months ago

Ive listen to quite a few of your albums, and i must say they are pretty amazing, love your voice, wish you luck for the future.

barcode software (anon) · 5 years, 7 months ago
i will look forward for your up coming album and i am excited for listing it.

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