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Findlay Flooding

Flood waters at 6:30pm on 8/21, around 14 feet
Flood waters at 6:30pm on 8/21, around 14 feet
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Findlay Flooding

Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2007

Findlay got hit with another round of flooding, and it was looking earlier today like it was going to be about as bad as the January flooding, cresting around 14.5 feet tomorrow morning. But as of the last half hour, the river has surged to 15.6 feet, and is now predicted to crest at 17.1 feet, which is approaching the record of 18.5 feet set in the catastrophic flood of 1913.

Here is a graph of the current and predicted flood levels for the Blanchard River. Also very useful is a map of historical floods. The dark blue is a good case (16.76), and the green is a bad case (17.43). Coffee Amici, Revolver and the library - along with much of the rest of downtown - are in between blue and green. And here are some pictures I took this evening, when the water was around 14ft. Add three feet onto that. :-/

Be very careful if you're in this area, and send many happy wishes to everyone who is.

Update, 8/22 @ 7:45am - The level's up to 17.84 feet, and it's still rising. NOAA is predicting a crest at 18.5 feet, which is tied with the 1913 flood. Things are looking very bad. :(

Northwest corner of Main St. bridge, at ~14ft The Cory Street bridge Southwest corner of Main St. bridge Flooded North Main bars The Asian grocery\