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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

To Lose The War

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The captain of the football team
Has got the prom queen but not self esteem
And he hides beneath the sheets
While he cries himself to sleep

And that prom queen's got her own concerns
The bottle's dry but she just never learns
So she fills it up again
And drinks to broken men

    And we're overboard
    Surrendered and ignored
    So this is how it feels to lose the war

The baseball man is taking shots in his ass
The skater wins by cracking kneecaps
And we all keep tuning in
As if somebody's gonna win

Superman is just another sham
Clark works nights at the Tinker's Damn
Selling porno mags to dirty men
So he can pay the rent in his rat trap pigpen


Everybody's floating on their own decrepit boat
And everybody's fighting just to keep it all afloat

The president's just another man
Just pushing buttons with a half-baked plan
Like a stoner with a PS2
And he's playing games all afternoon

He's just trying to beat his daddy's score
But it's a different time, a different war
And this game is wearing thin
You need a faster thumb of you are gonna win

     And we were strong before
     Now we're naked on the floor
     So this is how it feels to lose the war


Tuning: CGCGCE

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