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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Reject Bin

Josh Woodward - "Reject Bin" (2005)

Odd experiments (or just plain bad songs) that didn't make it onto albums. All hung out like dirty laundry, waiting for unsuspecting passerbys to sniff at, while I sit back and laugh at your misfortune. Oh, the humanity.

1.Wrong Side of the RevolutionFull Song StreamMP3RockLyricsTabShare
2.Keep In TouchFull Song StreamMP3Pop RockLyricsTabShare
3.Upcoming DowntimeFull Song StreamMP3Pop RockLyricsTabShare
4.Fear is FreeFull Song StreamMP3Hard RockLyricsTabShare
5.TexasFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
7.Across The Dusty PlainsFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
8.Five MinutesFull Song StreamMP3Hard RockLyricsTabShare
9.ParasiteFull Song StreamMP3RockLyricsTabShare
10.Zero to PhantomFull Song StreamMP3RockLyricsTabShare
11.Dark RoadsFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
12.HeyFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
13.IOUFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
14.The Longest DreamFull Song StreamMP3Dark AcousticLyricsTabShare
15.1,000 WordsFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
16.How To Succeed In SymphonyFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
17.0x0000007bFull Song StreamMP3Pop RockLyricsTabShare
18.Skyline of the SeaFull Song StreamMP3Hard RockLyricsTabShare
19.Bob Sells ChevroletsFull Song StreamMP3AmericanaLyricsTabShare
22.The Town Charter of Canton, OhioFull Song StreamMP3Dark AcousticLyricsTabShare
23.Space CampFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
24.Skynyrd's Number 4874Full Song StreamMP3AmericanaLyricsTabShare
25.She RemainedFull Song StreamMP3ExperimentalLyricsTabShare
26.Kick Off Your ShoesFull Song StreamMP3Dark AcousticLyricsTabShare
27.Old Man BlanchardFull Song StreamMP3Full Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
29.Dear RebeccaFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
30.DisappearFull Song StreamMP3Dark AcousticLyricsShare
31.Sleep Well, My DearFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsShare
32.Amaranthine, You FlyFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
33.Words We Will RememberFull Song StreamMP3Folk RockLyricsShare
34.Do Not Go GentleFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
35.Roll Away the StoneFull Song StreamMP3Dark AcousticLyricsShare
36.My Christmas ListFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsShare
37.Honeyed TongueFull Song StreamMP3Pop RockLyricsTabShare
38.FallowFull Song StreamMP3AcousticLyricsTabShare
39.Let's PretendFull Song StreamMP3RockLyricsTabShare