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Review of "SoftLayer"


Hit or Shit?


Josh Woodward rates this 4 / 10:

These guys are on top of things. When something goes wrong (which it rarely does), they're ready within minutes, any time of day. They cost a little more than some of the other server providers, but they're rock solid all around and worth the extra.

Edit, July 2007: The service has been slipping the past couple months. My server is suffering frequent hardware failures and they won't do a chassis swap unless I turn off automatic rebooting and notify them when it crashes, so they can *see* that it's dead as a doornail. Other problems are met with an "it's not our fault" attitude, even when they clearly are. I fear that they're running into the same fate as ServerMatrix and The Planet a couple years ago. Hope I'm wrong.

Edit, November 2009: They decided to ignore a server cancellation request, and I got billed an extra month. Add to that an extra month because I didn't cancel within four days of the anniversary date, and there's $400 I wasn't excited to spend. Screw that.