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Josh Woodward rates this 1 / 10:

They had good prices post-rebate, but they have the absolute worst rebate system I've ever seen. They go through My one purchase of one item had three separate rebates to file. You have to print out starter forms, then go to their site and use those forms to register your rebate online and print out the real rebate forms. Then you have to send those forms along with copies of the receipt (which they only include one of, so go find a photocopier). The envelopes then need to have a special printed label taped to them (or you won't get your rebate). We'll see if they actually send them - a lot of people have said they never will. They'd get a neutral for sales alone, but never buy any rebated stuff through them.

Update, 6 weeksish later: I did in fact get my rebates. But I'd still 100% recommend staying away, given their horribly convoluted system for getting them.

Update: Christ on toast, look what they did to this guy...