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Review of "Digital Pro Audio"


Digital Pro Audio
Hit or Shit?


Josh Woodward rates this 1 / 10:

They offer easy online rebates for all of their stuff from Unfortunately, they shipped me the wrong product at first because they went through an alternate Mackie supplier. They're sending a FedEx guy to pick up the wrong one, and are sending the proper one. Update, 7 days later: still no package. Update, 10 days later: the package finally arrived, and lo and behold, they sent me the same wrong thing they sent before. I cancelled my order and went with a competent company instead.

Update: Oh, this is just the tops. I'm getting Viagara emails to the spamtrap email I set up for them. So on top of it all, they sell your email address to spammers. That's what I call Kwality.

Update 2: Sweetwater Sound actually bought these jokers. Ugh.