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Rejects Remixed

Should I Remix Article 60 out of 67 "Only Whispering" Remixed!

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Rejects Remixed

Posted on Fri, Nov 27, 2009

Seems like there's definitely a lot of interest in a remixed Only Whispering, so I'll probably tackle that soon. In the meantime, I'm working on giving touchups to some of stuff in the reject bin. As much as I'd love most of those songs to die a humane and peaceful death, they're still getting a lot of downloads and use in projects. So I'm tacking them in batches.

The first batch of 2004-era stuff is now online and ready for download:

All of these will get instrumental mixes as well (one of the main reasons I wanted to do this). I'd say "enjoy", but that might be a little ambitious. How about: "may your ears no longer bleed" instead? :)

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