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Should I Remix "Only Whispering"?

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Should I Remix "Only Whispering"?

Posted on Wed, Nov 25, 2009

Thanks for all the great responses on the favorite album poll this week. It's really interesting to see the results. The winner of the moment seems to be "Only Whispering", which I never would have guessed!

That brings up another question for you guys. I wasn't planning on remixing that album, as I had done with Here Today and Crawford Street recently. The main reason is that I had that CD professionally pressed, and I still have hundreds of shrink-wrapped CDs up in my attic. But there have still been some quibbles that have annoyed me over the years, so I'm considering tackling it as a download-only remix - the MP3s free as always, and when you buy the old version on the CD, you get the new version on FLAC as well.

This one would be far less extensive than the last two - I'm mostly happy with the recording, I just want to fix a few bugs, make a few of the tracks a little less dry, and remove those super-annoying random clicks that my crappy old interface caused.

So what say you? Is this something you'd be interested in?

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