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FLAC Files Now For Sale

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FLAC Files Now For Sale

Posted on Mon, Aug 11, 2008

By popular demand, you can now purchase my albums in downloadable .FLAC format from my store. At the bottom of the form, there's a drop-down that lets you select .FLAC downloads instead of snail mailed CDs. There's no shipping for this option; a link to download will be sent to your email address. Let me know if you have any problems with the ordering system. This doesn't replace my MP3 downloads, which will always be free.

For those who aren't familiar with the .FLAC format, they contain 100% CD-quality audio in about half the space of the raw audio. MP3s are smaller still, but they do this at the tradeoff of audio quality.

This is probably the closest thing I'll ever offer to a "tip jar", so if you want to support my music but don't care about antiquated shiny discs, here ya go. As with all the funds from my album sales, every dollar gets invested back into studio equipment so that I can make even better albums in the future!

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