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Creative Commons License Change

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Creative Commons License Change

Posted on Mon, Apr 28, 2008

After a thoughtful mail from Conley with the Free Culture group at Virginia Tech with a link to a case against the non-commercial restriction Creative Commons clause, I've decided to update the license for my music to remove this restriction. You're now free to use my music in a commercial situation, as long as credit is given and you share the results as well.

This is something that I've struggled with since the beginning. I've never liked the idea of giving somebody the rights to take my CD, burn it, and sell it. But realistically, who's going to do that? And if they do, as long as attribution is given, I'm still better off for it. Anyone who's going to pay for something that's available free is doing it to support the creator.

I remember Peter Mulvey once saying, after having had a box of his CDs stolen from his car, "hey, if the thief can find a way to sell my CDs, more power to him!" I've always operated under the philosophy that obscurity is a greater enemy than piracy, so this was the next logical step.

As always, if you want to use my music in a commercial context that you're not willing/able to release the result as Creative Commons (a film, commercial, etc), just drop me a line and we'll work something out.

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