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Obama '08

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Obama '08

Posted on Mon, Mar 3, 2008

I try not to get overly political here, but tomorrow, we here in Ohio (and you in Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island) have a critical decision to make in the primaries.

I'm supporting Barack Obama, and I just wanted to say why:

  • Obama has been against the war in Iraq from day one. I truly doubt that Hillary would have handled the situation much differently than George Bush.
  • His limited amount of "experience" in Washington is an asset to me. He's taken the high road and hasn't fallen into the pockets of lobbyists.
  • He truly understands technology issues, which is important to me, and will be critical to the nation in the coming years.
  • He has liberal values, but has shown an ability to reach across the aisle and appeal to both parties. This will be critical in getting elected, and in getting things done once in office.
  • His positions have been consistent and from the heart. It seems like Hillary doesn't sneeze unless a focus group tells her to.
  • I believe he has the best chance of beating John McCain, who looks like he's going to be a tough opponent. For better or worse, Hillary is divisive to the party.
  • Obama is, well... likable. This is the factor that ideally wouldn't be important, but it's important for a President to be able to rally the nation behind a given cause. Hillary says that oratory doesn't matter - I have to disagree.

No matter who you support, please vote tomorrow. I hope you'll consider voting for Obama. Thanks, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled rock and roll music. :)

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