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ohio coffee concerts

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ohio coffee concerts

Posted on Sat, Oct 23, 2004

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first Ohio Coffee Concert tonight. The audience was small, but it was a wonderful group. My set:

Can't Take Our Love Away
Mona Lisa
Wake Up
E: Troublemaker

Joe Jencks was tremendous. He's one of those guys who can have a song with six verses that never gets boring. He treats songs more as storytelling experiences. Very enjoyable if you get a chance to see him. And it's nice to finally have a house concert atmoshphere in NW Ohio. Be sure to check out their show next month if you're in the Toledo/Wauseon area - Terry Gonda will be there.

Stay tuned - the show was video taped by the local TV station, along with interviews, and it will be airing soon. I'll post updates, and maybe post video of my set when I get a copy.

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