The Weatherman's a Liar

Posted on Fri, Feb 22, 2008:

A brief aside for the Findlay readers:

I've been developing a system for snow prediction over the past few months, and I'm happy to announce that I have an almost fool-proof method for predicting the actual snowfall amount we'll get:

  1. Find the National Weather Service forecast for snowfall the night before.
  2. Take the low end of the range that they give.
  3. Divide that number by 4.

As an example, if they're calling for 4-8 inches of snow, the low end of that range is 4, so divide that by 4. When you wake up the next morning, there'll be one inch of snow on the ground.

Sure, there are occasional exceptions. The massive snow earlier this winter almost actually hit the low end of their prediction. But the past 4-5 storms have followed my formula exactly. I'm sure I could find a way to make a profit from this formula, but I think I'm going to go grab a broom and dust off the driveway instead.

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