New MP3: "On Brevity"

Posted on Sat, Feb 9, 2008:

I'm really not quite sure what to say about this particular song. I'm weird. You probably know this already. So yeah, this one's called "On Brevity". :-)

On Brevity: (MP3, Lyrics, Share)

Production Notes:

This whole song came together in about two hours from start to finish. The guitar was a one-take wonder. I put an envelope on the high-pass filter frequency to pull it up to 250hz during the parts with the piano and back down to 80hz for the verses.

The piano is The Grand, and the organ is the B4. I used my new keyboard's mod wheel to control the vibrato as I was playing it, which made it much more expressive. It shouldn't work, because it's in the same frequency range as the guitar and vocals, but it gives a burst of warmth to the simpler chorus.

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