MP3s from Friday's Show

Posted on Sun, Dec 9, 2007:

I got a couple of requests from disgruntled slackers who couldn't make it to Friday's show to post the MP3s of the recording. So here you go. Everything I played was brand new except for the last song, so ignore the flubs (and the shitty audio quality). :) Sorry, the first song ("Billy Barnum") didn't record right. :(

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  1. Memorized (4.7 MB)
  2. Don't Close Your Eyes (3.7 MB)
  3. Saturday (4.8 MB)
  4. Shadows in the Moonlight (4.4 MB)
  5. I'm Letting Go (3.2 MB)
  6. The Bottom (2.8 MB)
  7. Afterglow (4.2 MB)
  8. Frannie (2.9 MB)

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