New MP3, Day 7: "Saturday"

Posted on Sun, Nov 4, 2007:

Thanks to daylight savings time, I finished the WEEK OF ROCK with an hour to spare! Rejoyce! I haven't done much pop/rock stuff in the new batch of songs, and this isn't the "week of folk", so here are some good old fashioned fuzzy guitars and drums to chew on.

And thus ends the WEEK OF ROCK, and begins the WEEK OF SLEEP. Thanks for listening, everybody!

Saturday: (MP3, Lyrics, Share)

Production Notes:

I'm not 100% done tweaking this one. The electric guitars are all direct-in, but I might re-record them with an amp (I really need to buy a reamp box). The first one to come in and the crunchy one in the bridge and last chorus are done with Waves Gtr that I'm trying out, and the other one is done with Guitar Rig 2.

The bass is normal but I added a little bit of MaxxBass to it after the fact because the mix was lacking in the low end. A hundred bucks says it'll blow out the windows in my car when I take it out there.

The drums were done using the Recorderman drum setup.

The lead vocals got the tiniest hint of chorus to give them a little more body through headphones, and I enveloped the delay mix to dry it out in the quiet parts.

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