New MP3, Day 5: "Memorized"

Posted on Fri, Nov 2, 2007:

This one was hard. The guitar part's a beast, there's more real cello goodness, and the lyrics have more of a rigid rhyming pattern than I'm used to (which is hard for me). But all said, I think it came out nice. Enjoy!

Memorized: (MP3, Lyrics, Share)

Production Notes:

I did a regular (horizontal) X/Y on the guitar, and oddly for me, I did it right in front of the soundhole, about a foot and a half back. The verses have a very high-pitched guitar part, but the choruses hit lower notes (and are joined by a low cello part). To keep it from getting boomy in the chorus, I used a high-pass plugin with an envelope on the frequency. I kept it around 150hz for the verse, but cranked it all the way to 400hz for the chorus. It sounds terrible on its own, but the cello takes over the bass duties. It was recorded in my "dry corner" (a curtain and absorber/diffusers), with a big foamie in front of me to keep it dry.

Everything else was standard - XY stereo micing for the cello and banjo, normal vocals (though no delay, only reverb).

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