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Thu, Jan 09 2014
Bitcoin Sales and Donations!

I've been following Bitcoin for quite awhile now, and I've finally got around to wiring up my site to sell music using Bitcoin! If you've got a few billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket from the latest spikes, feel free to help support my music by sending some scraps my way. ;-)

The song shopping cart feature on my front page now has a checkout button to purchase the item with Bitcoin. It uses Coinbase, who is an awesome service that made it easy and quick to set up the cart, and even easier and quicker for you to make a purchase. I also have an old-school donate button and QR code on the bottom-left of the page. 

Speaking of the shopping cart, I'm also including a 1.7 GB bonus pack for everyone who purchases the $40 buy-it-all package. It's got a ton of stuff of special use for video makers who need music - alternate cuts, unreleased jingles, instrumental replacements for vocals, etc. Enjoy!

Bitcoin Donation

Tue, Nov 12 2013
Big Site Redesign

You may have noticed some big changes on the website. Over the past couple months, I've been reorganizing and optimizing how the site works. In particular, I've made it a lot easier for the ever-growing number of videographers to sift through the huge number of songs. Check it out!

Thu, Jun 14 2012
Kickstarter: Wow.

For those who don't know, my next CD is almost done, and I'm asking for your help to fund it through a Kickstarter campaign. The funding goal was met in two days‚Äč. That's.. well, wow.

I've known for a long time that my listeners are awesome. But I also look at this as a victory for Creative Commons, and for independent music as a whole. Ever since I started releasing music almost 10 years ago, it's been completely free for the world to download. I'm a geek in my other life, and I come from an open source, free software background, so applying the same philosophy to music was natural. 

But free music isn't free to make or distribute. Aside from the instruments, microphones, preamps, speakers, acoustic treatment, video cameras, interfaces, recording software, plugins and CD manufacturing, my website is spitting out over a terabyte (!) of data a month. So without the generosity of my listeners, none of this would be practical. And yet, despite the fact that you're free to grab my catalog, and listen to / use it for no cost, so many of you step up to the plate to help out not just with this Kickstarter, but over the years in many other ways. 

People don't want to steal music, as a whole. They want to support the artists they believe in. And more and more, those people understand that buying a major label CD at Walmart is not supporting the artist on the cover in any meaningful way. I get almost 100% of what you're contribute to my Kickstarter campaign - you're very directly making my music possible. We're right here living the future of music, and it's beautiful. 

My fundraising goal is met, but the $1,500 goal was only the bare minimum to make the CDs. There's a ton of stuff I'd still love to be able to do. Not the least of which is to get a new preamp - my Portico is dead, so I've been having to use the crummy built-in preamps for my interface to record. I'd also love to get a real Wurlitzer electric piano and a bunch of other instruments. Everything that you contribute from here on in goes toward making the music you get sound better, and allows me to focus more of my time on music. So please, hop over to the Kickstarter campaign page and consider kicking in if you're able. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. I'm really moved.

Tue, Oct 25 2011
"Dirty Wings" Remixed!

It's that time again, to throw a fresh coat of paint on a rusty old CD. :) This time it's time for "Dirty Wings" to have a turn. I went back and gave it a remix job to fix the little buggies that drove me mad. Nothing new was recorded, added or taken away. You can album tracks, or you can download a ZIP file of all of the tracks

Download a .ZIP File

The instrumental mixes are also updated. Enjoy!

Thu, Dec 02 2010
Should I Post Demos?

So, as usual, releasing a new album means one thing to me: that it's time to start working on the next one. 

I've traditionally posted demo versions of the songs I'm working on as I finish them. For "Ashes", I wrote and recorded the album in isolation, then released them all at once in their final form. That had one big advantage: I never felt overly attached to the rough mixes, because I took more time before I recorded them.

Another reason for not posting demos is that people download them (which is awesome), listen to them (also awesome), but might not know or choose to download the final versions when the CD comes out (not awesome). Every once in awhile, I'll see a YouTube video or something using a horrible rough demo of a song that's been out on CD for years, and I die a little inside. :) 

On the other hand, I just went a year without really posting any new material, and that makes me a sad panda. There are a couple of other options. I used to have a "preview club" where I'd post the stuff. I could set it up so that only people who have purchased CDs/FLACs could download stuff - this would keep the casual listeners away from the rough stuff, encourage sales, and also to give me peace of mind that they'll probably "upgrade" to the full versions when the come out. Another option is to just post live acoustic versions of the songs to YouTube, as I did this last time with "Already There". 

So what would you all like to see this time around?

Mon, Nov 22 2010
"Ashes": What Song For a Single?

Fairly often I need to choose one or two songs to promote from the album for websites, radio, etc. For those of you who have heard "Ashes", which song would you pick that best represents it? 

Mon, Nov 15 2010
NEW ALBUM: "Ashes" Now Available!

Admit it. You thought I was hibernating in a cave the past year, cranking out YouTube videos to maintain vague contact with the outside world, taking a break from the grueling process of releasing an album every year. You were only half right. I'm very happy to announce that my next CD, "Ashes" is now available!

You can download it (for free, of course) or buy a fancy shiny CD (name your own price) from my website here:

I'm thrilled with how it came out. I spent probably twice as much time as usual working on this one, and the end result is something I had no idea I was capable of. I hope you dig it, too.
Also, take a moment to check out my YouTube channel, where I just posted a video of the production process for the first track on the CD, "Let It In":
As always, I not only allow but encourage you to share this music with your friends, use it in your videos, and generally mangle it in any way you see fit. Thanks for all of your support over the past year - it's been an amazing ride, and I'm honored to have met so many of you great humans. Take care of yourselves, and I'd love it if you took a moment to let me know what you think of "Ashes"!

Fri, Sep 17 2010
Jewel Cases vs Digipaks?

So I've decided this time around that I'm going to do another professional pressing, as I did with "Only Whispering". I'd rather have spent those millions of hours making music, rather than hunched over a paper cutter. Plus, this new CD is going to be really, really good. :) I'm trying to decide which route to go, and I want to know what you guys like.

It's between the old faithful clear plastic jewel cases and the newfangled Digipaks (those eco-friendly hard paper ones). I used to be a Digipak hater, since they didn't look the same as the rest of my CDs, but now (a) they're much more common, and (b) I don't really buy many physical CDs anymore. The Digis have the advantage of being smaller and lighter for shipping. On the minus side, it's the cork vs. screwcap argument, and they're a little more expensive (but the gap has narrowed, and with the lower shipping costs, it's probably a wash). 

There are also those craaazy small wallet packages, where it's basically just a sleeve for the CD, but those seem like they'd be really unsatisfying. 

So what say you?

Mon, Aug 02 2010
"Only Whispering" Remixed!

Wow, has it really been a year since I finished remixing Crawford Street? Well, I've been at it again, and I'm very happy to announce that by popular demand, I've remixed my Only Whispering CD as well! Here's a link to the album tracks, or you can download a ZIP file of all of the tracks

Download a .ZIP File

The instrumental mixes are also updated. Enjoy!

Mon, May 24 2010
More Remixed Rejects

Awhile back, I started off remixing some of my ancient rejected songs to make them less sucky. I have the second installment of 2004-era songs finished:

I bent the rules with Zero to Phantom because the lead vocal track on my backup was completely messed up, but everything else on these used the same raw tracks, just remixed. The instrumental mixes are also now available, up on my music page. Enjoy!

Wed, Jan 13 2010
New MP3/Video: "Motionless Land"

I first heard the news of the Haitian earthquake when I woke up this morning. I grabbed my guitar and a song spilled out. Here's what I wrote. This is just a rough guy-and-guitar demo (as is the video), but you get the idea.

If you enjoy it, please take the time to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. It'd mean a lot to me, and it'd mean way more to those in need.

Motionless Land: (MP3, Lyrics, Share)
Fri, Jan 01 2010
New Song, and 2010 Video Project

Hey everyone! I'm going to try something different in 2010. Every week, I'll be releasing a video of some sort. There'll be some acoustic performances of album tracks, some interesting covers, some behind-the-scenes studio footage, and videos from live shows. I'm also going to share my new songs this way, instead of the usual demo MP3s.

For my first installment, I wanted to share a brand new song I'm working on writing, called "Already There". It's not quite done yet, but that's the fun part of this format.

I should take this chance to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, which is the main place I'll be posting these. You'll also be able to get to them on my Facebook page, which I'd be thrilled if you'd take the time to fan that up as well.

Enjoy, and let me know if there's anything you'd like to see me do with this project!

Fri, Nov 27 2009
Rejects Remixed

Seems like there's definitely a lot of interest in a remixed Only Whispering, so I'll probably tackle that soon. In the meantime, I'm working on giving touchups to some of stuff in the reject bin. As much as I'd love most of those songs to die a humane and peaceful death, they're still getting a lot of downloads and use in projects. So I'm tacking them in batches.

The first batch of 2004-era stuff is now online and ready for download:

All of these will get instrumental mixes as well (one of the main reasons I wanted to do this). I'd say "enjoy", but that might be a little ambitious. How about: "may your ears no longer bleed" instead? :)

Wed, Nov 25 2009
Should I Remix "Only Whispering"?

Thanks for all the great responses on the favorite album poll this week. It's really interesting to see the results. The winner of the moment seems to be "Only Whispering", which I never would have guessed!

That brings up another question for you guys. I wasn't planning on remixing that album, as I had done with Here Today and Crawford Street recently. The main reason is that I had that CD professionally pressed, and I still have hundreds of shrink-wrapped CDs up in my attic. But there have still been some quibbles that have annoyed me over the years, so I'm considering tackling it as a download-only remix - the MP3s free as always, and when you buy the old version on the CD, you get the new version on FLAC as well.

This one would be far less extensive than the last two - I'm mostly happy with the recording, I just want to fix a few bugs, make a few of the tracks a little less dry, and remove those super-annoying random clicks that my crappy old interface caused.

So what say you? Is this something you'd be interested in?

Sun, Nov 22 2009
Favorite Joshw Album?

I'm just curious - for those of you who have heard all or most of my albums, which is your favorite?

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