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Miles Dairly Queen - BG

   Discussion: Miles Dairly Queen - BG
Renegade (anon) · 10 years, 8 months ago
Miles Dairy Queen is a must visit in BG. Don't be fooled, this is NOT your typical Dairy Queen. When you order fries, you get a mountain! They take the "fry tray" and pile on the fries until they spill over the sides on to the tray! Yum! The great crinkle kind! And the blizzards - on my! I can't eat them any place else because I'm so used to Miles! When you get a blizzard here, go with the small, yes the small. They fill the cup and then double that over the rim! Their portions are amazingly generous! And the staff is so very nice and helpful. Ask for Rosie, she's a sweetheart and will make sure that your blizzard is exactly how you want it! Oh, and the guy at the grill is most likely the owner. Every time that I have been there, he is the one frying the burgers! How cool is that?! I'd say this place is well worth the road trip from Findlay!

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