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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Fruhead Convention - Toronto, ON - Sat, Feb 21, 2004

Josh Woodward
Fruhead Convention
Toronto, ON

Song swap with Stacey Penthor

40 American Dollars (Stacey)
Incoherent (Josh)
In The Eyes of George Bush (Stacey)
Wrong Side of the Revolution (Josh)
Learn to Fly (Stacey & Josh)
Vesuvius (Josh & Stacey)
Berlin to Kitchener (Stacey)
Soft Orange Glow (Josh)
Ahead of Her Time (Stacey)
Toronto Star (Josh)
As Well (Stacey)
Feelin' Groovy (Josh)

Setlist - More Details...
Incoherent, Wrong Side of the Revolution, Learn To Fly, Vesuvius (Stacey Penthor), Soft Orange Glow, Toronto Star, Feelin' Groovy (Simon & Garfunkel)