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Uraku Sushi - Bowling Green, OH - Restaurant Review


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Uraku Sushi
Bowling Green, OH
1616 E Wooster St


Josh Woodward rates this 8 / 10:


I'd gone here once for a bento box dinner and wasn't at all impressed. I wrote it off and didn't come back until a dinner party a couple of years later. I was blown away. The first time must have been a fluke: their sushi is as good as I've had in Ohio. Their menu is nicely organized and varied.

The DancingEel was excellent, and artfully presented, with multicolored roe on top. The UnaAvo was also delicious - slightly warm, which sounds odd, but perfect. The Spicy tuna roll was good, but pretty much what you'd expect. The only disappointment was the toro, which was served partially frozen.

It's almost like discovering a new place - I can't wait to go back now!

Uraku Website

Update, Fall 2008: There's been a little slip in quality lately. It seems to depend somewhat on who's preparing the sushi - the owner (Day Jung) is better than the younger white guy. There are a lot of mixed-up orders, and items not matching what they should be - missing roe, for instance, or just the wrong contents. Things don't seem to match the pictures as much. Docking them a point for now, but I'm guessing this is just a short-term burp because they're expanding into the store next door.

Update, Winter 2008: The new dining room is open, and it's really beautiful.

Update, Spring 2009: All of the problems have been long-since ironed out. They're back on top of their game!

Update, Summer 2009: Quality has been slipping again. First, they tried an insanely confusing all-you-can-eat menu (which they've since axed, it looks like). But the past three or four times, the sushi itself has been skimpy on the good stuff, not as well-rolled, and often has missing or incorrect ingredients. I'm going to take a break for awhile and see if it bounces back this fall. On the plus side, the eternal reservations are looking really pretty!