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Tea Tree Asian Bistro - Perrysburg, OH - Restaurant Review


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Tea Tree Asian Bistro
Perrysburg, OH
Levis Commons


Josh Woodward rates this 8 / 10:

Pretty good overall. Spiffy atmosphere, classy service and great food, but the prices are really quite high for what's essentially a Chinese restaurant. The first trip for dinner was really good - the caramelized orange beef ($17) was excellent. The second trip for lunch was less so. I ordered the Szechwan Jalapeno Pork with its "flaming brown sauce", which was labeled with three peppers (the hottest). It arrived, and there was barely the slightest hint of heat. The waitress said it was the right dish, and sent it back to the kitchen to spice it up. I joked that they would play a joke on me and make it inhumanly spicy. It came back barely spicier than before. (Sara: "maybe they did try to play a joke"). I'm guessing it was a fluke, though, because the wonderful hot and sour soup was a lot spicier than the pork. Oh, and they serve you these wonderful and deadly fried wonton peels dusted with sugar. It looks like a ton when they bring them out, but for better or worse, I guarantee you they'll be done by the time you leave.