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Satang Thai Cuisine (CLOSED) - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Satang Thai Cuisine (CLOSED)
Findlay, OH
Tiffin Ave., where 12 joins up


Josh Woodward rates this 10 / 10:

SAD NEWS: Satang closed its doors in June 2008.

This has been a good year for Asian food fans in Findlay. There's a brand new Thai place that just opened Monday called Satang. It's on Tiffin Avenue where 12 joins up - right next to Mr. Lee's, and in the same spot that the other Chinese restaurant used to be. They have excellent food, and they really spiffed up the place. The spring rolls and the Gai Him Ma Pan were amazing. The curry was good, though too sweet for my taste. Good prices, too, most entrees are $6.95 for dinner. Highly recommended. Yum.

Update, 4/3/06: This is now officially my favorite restaurant in Findlay. They recently overhauled their menu. The "Gai Him Ma Pan" seems to be gone, but the "Rad Na" is a new favorite. The "Ka Prow" is great if you don't mind crying from the spice. And of course, the usual pad thai is tasty. Just stay away from the fresh spring rolls. ;)

Update, 4/15/06: They have a new item called Gai Ra Yong that's now my favorite. It's breaded white meat chicken chunks in a brown chili onion sauce. So very yum.

Update, August 2006: They seem to have a new cook. There's a smaller menu and it's not quite as brilliant as before, but still crazy-good.

Update, January 2007: The food's gotten consistently better, including the amazing Rama in Jacuzzi. Unfortunately, service has been very slow the past few months. It's not unusual to wait 30+ minutes after ordering to get food, even when not busy. The wait for the check can be pretty long, too. Hopefully they staff up to speed this up.

Update, March 2007: They seem to have the kinks in service ironed out. I've been into the Panang Curry lately.