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Rossilli's Restaurant - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Rossilli's Restaurant
Findlay, OH
217 South Main


Josh Woodward rates this 7 / 10:

Not bad, but too expensive for what it is. The food was good - the minestrone was nice and rich, the caesar salad was a little goopy, but good flavor. The shrimp and scallop dish ($16) with alfredo sauce was pretty good, though a little bland. The veggie dish with shiitake mushrooms ($13) was ok, but bland and with funky-tasting mushrooms and sundried tomatoes. The atmosphere is so-so. Kinda loud and cramped, with hard plastic on the tables, butter packets, etc. Also, service was a little slow, even on a Monday night. Not bad, but stick to Bistro for a better value and food.