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Maria's Tacos - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Maria's Tacos
Findlay, OH
Main Street at Trenton


Josh Woodward rates this 6 / 10:

Nothing overly special here, but they serve tasty fast-food Mexican fare that's a notch above Taco Bell. One downside; the food wasn't especially hot (even though it was 6:15pm).

The prices are low, which is a mixed blessing. Especially with Chipotle coming in later this year, they're going to face an uphill battle. I hope they change their target market to a couple notches more upscale. Use fresher ingredients, serve it piping hot, and make their own tortillas rather than the uniformly bland shells-in-a-box. I'd go way more often for that, even if it were three times the price.

It's got potential, and I can see going there now and then for a bite after Open Mic, but it needs some work.

Update, November 2009: Based on the comments below, I gave it another shot at their new location (a smaller place down the street with no indoor seating). I'm less impressed, actually. The hard taco was average at best, stingy on the meat, nothing special - I'd have been happier at Taco Bell. Ditto the steak burrito - there were a few pieces of bland steak chunks floating in a sea of beans. Aside from tamales (which I'd like to try) and taquitos (which I have no interest in trying) in the combo area, the menu is strictly tacos and burritos, and for those, you'll do much better at Chipotle. I'd love to recommend the local indie alternative, but I just can't in this case.