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Maggie's - Perrysburg, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Perrysburg, OH
South of Levis Commons


Josh Woodward rates this 7 / 10:

I'm sure you've seen that hole-in-the-wall restaurant just south of Levis Commons. You know - that one you're too afraid to go into, but always seems to have a thousand cars in the parking lot. Some kind of Mafia hangout or secret casino? Not that I know of. But they serve some great food with a Hungarian twist.

I've only been there for the weekend brunch buffet. It's mostly what you'd expect in terms of food, but it's tasty. Normally, they have two items of the day that you can choose from, served family style with "free refills".

Unfortunately, I suspect I may have gotten sick from this. I can't say for sure, but later that day, I started feeling really nasty, and I spent a couple of days on the couch (and the toilet, if you know what I mean). The food on the buffet was lukewarm at best, so it's probably a bacterial playground. That said, I'm still not ruling out going again. It was really good. :D