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Koto Buki - Sylvania, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Koto Buki
Sylvania, OH
5577 Monroe St


Josh Woodward rates this 10 / 10:

Absolutely delicious sushi. A couple of our standbys to the south have been slipping a little recently, so this was a very happy find. The Kotobuki Roll (avocado, cucumber and crab, topped with eel and avocado) was probably the best sushi I've ever had. Just a perfect balance. The No Name Roll (spicy tuna, cream cheese and avocado deep-fried with sweet sauce) wasn't far behind - so wrong, and yet so right. The Spicy Tuna roll lived up to its name and was a savory treat. The only slight disappointment was the Diablo Roll (shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with broiled spicy scallops and cheese), which was fine, but a little out there for me. The prices are on the high end, but worth every penny. I can't wait to go back.