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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Japan West - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Japan West
Findlay, OH
406 S. Main St.


Josh Woodward rates this 9 / 10:

I only went here once before for teppanyaki - expensive, but tasty. But I went today for sushi over lunch and it was excellent. I got the lunch combo ($14), which came with three pieces of cucumber maki, three pieces of tuna maki, five pieces of nigiri (todays's were tuna, salmon, flounder, skate and shrimp), and a big dessert nigiri that looked like tamago but was quite sweet. The fish was some of the best I've had - incredibly fresh, with a beautiful texture. The wasabi was on the heavy side, but had none of the chlorine-like flavor I sometimes get at Asian Grill. The skate was very interesting - a very firm texture, almost like it was partially frozen (but it wasn't). I liked it a lot, but I'm sure it would be polarizing. I'll definitely be back soon!