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Jack and Jin's - Findlay, OH - Restaurant Review


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Jack and Jin's
Findlay, OH
Trenton and Main


Josh Woodward rates this 7 / 10:

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A very promising Thai restaurant. I was very saddened when Satang closed down, so any replacement is a good one. The decor here is simple, but very clean and charming. The people seem friendly and welcoming.

I unfortunately didn't see any Pra Ram Long Song / Rama in Jacuzzi dishes with peanut-based sauce, which tend to be my favorite. I got the Spicy Bamboo Stir-Fried, which was similar to Satang's Gai Him Ma Pan - a delicious light basil sauce. The Thai Rad Na was ok, but the sauce was oily and a little sweet for me. The tofu was delicious, though.

Update, April 2010: I truly wish I could recommend Jack and Jin's. Unfortunately, I've had a good sampling of the menu items and I just can't find anything that's worth going for. The main problem is that the menu is so limited. They have the basic curry selection (which doesn't interest me, because I can whip up great curries at home in no time). There are noodle dishes, which are ok. The stir-fried entrées, though, are almost all identical. All but one on the current menu feature "brown sauce", and the other is a sweet-and-sour sauce pulled right from a Chinese restaurant. I still have hope that they're going to reevaluate their menu and add something more interesting, especially in the entrée department. In the mean time, it's back in the car for Rose Thai in Toledo.