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Eve - Ann Arbor, MI - Restaurant Review


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Ann Arbor, MI
Slow Food


Josh Woodward rates this 8 / 10:

Let me start by saying that if my score was based on the food alone, this would have gotten a 9 or a 10. The Thai Barbecued Chicken was succulent, with an amazing peanutty sauce on a bed of coconut milk-infused rice (though one piece was more tender than the other). The Alaskan Halibut on a bed of pesto risotto was very interesting, and successfully kicked the stale don't-mix-fish-and-cheese adage in the face. Unfortunately, the service was terrible. Starting off, our reservations for the patio were moved indoors. Our waitress, while fairly friendly, was almost always off tending to other tables and was impossible to reach. They offer flights of wine tastes - all six wines were average at best, two were corked (one very badly), and the one that they (happily) replaced was only slightly less corked. Another waiter clumsily sent a big tray of mostly-full glasses smashing into the ground next to us, luckily avoiding any serious disaster. After waiting around 10 minutes with the dessert menus, we decided to give up and just get the check. I'd go back there again, because the food was great, but at a $30+ entree restaurant, the service was not even in the ballpark.