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Deepam India - Toledo, OH - Restaurant Review


Restaurant name?
Deepam India
Toledo, OH
7406 W Central Ave


Josh Woodward rates this 9 / 10:

This place is definitely a gem. Tucked back in an out-of-the-way strip mall, this is an Indian grocery store with a deli-style counter and a few tables. Despite the low expectations, the food is excellent. Their menu board has a listing of the options - the main ones are a $5.99 vegetarian combo (roti, rice and two veg mains), $6.99 meat combo (same), and a $7.99 sampler where you can pick any five. The food is displayed in a refrigerator, and after the very friendly and helpful co-owner/cook comes over to describe what's available that day, you pick and it's heated up and brought out to your table. (Don't worry - Indian food doesn't suffer from the "leftover" syndrome at all.) The food is lovely - very authentic, spicy and delicious. The stuffed eggplant is great, with tons of fresh masala flavor. The lamb curry is amazing, probably my favorite, but the bhindi (okra) gives it a run for its money. Try a mango lassi to cool down, made with homemade yogurt. To top it off, the food is prepared with healthiness in mind, rather than the usual glistening with ghee (ok, both have their place.. heh). This is a great place.

Edit, 2011: As an added bonus for those looking for strictly dairy-free (slash vegan) options in the Toledo area, most of their food is completely dairy-free, and the very nice owner (?) will be happy to walk you through the options. They take great care to keep cross-contamination away.